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Meet the Team

Who's who behind the camera.

At The Golden Leaf, we’re proud of telling the Mt. Juliet High story. We employ an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team

Everett Ackley

Editor in Chief

Senior on Staff

Elena Brewer

Administrative Assistant

IMG_5262 copy.jpg

Ali Cole

Photography Editor

Senior on Staff

Karli Costley

Index Editor
& Clubs and Organizations Editor

Senior on Staff

IMG_5272 copy_edited.jpg
Staff Pictures3.jpg

Isabella Fullford

Assistant Index Editor

Caroline Hall

Sports Editor & Events Manager

Senior on Staff

Staff Pictures2.jpg
IMG_5314 copy_edited.jpg

Maryam Hanna

Copy & Design Editor

Senior on Staff

Molly Harris

Photography Editor


Staff Pictures9.jpg
Staff Pictures6.jpg

Madi Lachowicz


Senior on Staff

Wren Linde


Staff Pictures13.jpg
IMG_5266 copy_edited.jpg

Ellie Rose McAnally

Photography Editor & Sports Editor

Senior on Staff

Morgan Monaco

Assistant Events Manager

Staff Pictures8.jpg
Staff Pictures5.jpg

Shannon Rattray

PR & Marketing Director

Senior on Staff

Jessica Reeves

Chair of Morale

Staff Pictures4.jpg
IMG_5287 copy.jpg

Maria Sameer


Senior on Staff

Addie Savley


IMG_5264 copy.jpg
Staff Pictures7.jpg

Jacob Stolz



Maddy Verst

Assistant PR & Marketing Director

Staff Pictures1.jpg
Staff Pictures11.jpg

Emily Weatherford

Copy Editor


Tania Woods

Managing Editor & Design Editor

Senior on Staff

Staff Pictures10.jpg
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