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Portraits FAQ

Underclass: Welcome

What are underclass portraits?

Underclass portraits are for 9-11 grade students. These are taken in the fall during school.

Each student's portrait is used for their student ID, Skyward and the yearbook.

Underclass portraits for the 2024-2025 school year will be made on Aug. 29, 2024. 

Makeup day for underclass will be on Sept. 19, 2024 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Even if you do not wish to be in the yearbook, every student must have an ID picture and ID. 

Is there a session fee for underclass portraits?

There is no fee for underclassmen portraits or IDs. 

Portrait proofs will be available through Loveless Fine Photography and will be mailed to your primary home address listed in Skyward. Orders will take place online with the information provided by Loveless Fine Photography. 

What do I need to bring to underclass portraits?

Nothing is required for underclassmen photography except you! 

Please follow the student dress code when selecting an outfit for your portraits. 

You do need to give your first and last name to the photographer before taking your portrait (please ask to review spelling if you feel it is necessary). 

When do I get my proofs of my underclass portraits?

Proofs be mailed to the primary address listed in Skyward 2-4 weeks after the day that portraits were made. Portaits can be easily ordered online with Loveless Fine Photography using the directions in the mailed packet. 

If you do not receive your proof information 4 weeks after the portraits were made, please reach out to Loveless by calling 615-890-1558.

When is underclass portrait makeup day?

Underclass Portrait makeup day will be on Sept. 19 during the first half of the school day in the school commons. The yearbook staff will be able to sign and check you in for your appointment. 

Students will receive an email to their school Google email and their primary Skyward home email with the time to report to the commons roughly a week before this makeup day. Teachers will have access to the times so as to allow students to be released from class.

Dual Enrollment students need to report to the commons at their appointment time.

Any students who do not appear for their makeup portraits will not appear in the yearbook or be issued a student ID.

When do I get my student ID?

Seniors will get their pictures made for their senior IDs on the days that the underclassmen get their photos taken at MJHS. 

Seniors will report during designated times and let the photographers know that their photo is for senior IDs.

These IDs are mailed to the school, and the yearbook staff will distribute them to all students.  

How do I order my underclass portraits from Loveless?

After portraits have been made, they may be ordered online or over the phone with the information provided by Loveless Fine Photography using the information they provide.

Where do I verify my name for the yearbook?

Please fill out this Google Form to verify your name for the yearbook. You may only view the form if you are signed in with your account.

This is due Oct. 4, 2024.

Where do I buy my yearbook?

Can I customize my yearbook?

Yes! The primary ways to customize your yearbook are to purchase a Namestamp on your yearbook or to purcahse an iTag for your yearbook.

To see more information on including your name, icons, or text on your yearbook and to see the deadlines for ordering Namestamps or iTags, click here.

Underclass: FAQ
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